Why is an EVV System so Important to Your Home Care Agency?

In the last decade or so, EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) has become an integral part of the home care industry. We’ve come a long way since 2014 when Illinois was the first state to mandate EVV for home services programs. From ensuring compliance with government regulations to improving the efficiency of your home care agency, an effective EVV system is critical to your success. 

Let’s dive into why.


First and foremost, an EVV system helps ensure compliance with government regulations that require certain types of home care services to be verified by a third-party system. EVV helps to ensure that caregivers are providing the services they are supposed to, and that they are being paid correctly for their work.

Organizations that are not compliant with EVV regulations are subject to comprehensive government reviews and audits, in addition to a damaged reputation.

Fortunately, many home care software solutions come equipped with a built-in EVV system to ensure you stay compliant.

Why an EVV System is so important

Accountability and Accuracy

An EVV system provides a record of the care that was provided, which helps increase accountability and transparency in the home care industry. Your employees can clock in and out using their mobile devices, as well as report on anything that happened during their visit. A great EVV system will even allow you to track your team members in real-time to ensure their safety and that they are rendering services as needed. These capabilities improve accuracy in reporting and ensure all visits are documented and billed properly, reducing fraud and abuse in the home care industry

The result of EVV is an official, accurate ledger of what services were rendered, and when. This helps reduce potential disputes between caregivers, care recipients, and agencies. There is now far less finger-pointing and accusations over what services were rendered and how to bill appropriately because all records are updated in a timely manner shortly after the visit. The result is not only more accurate documentation, but better care. 


An EVV system helps improve the efficiency of a home care agency by reducing the amount of paperwork and administrative tasks that are required when documenting visits. This can help to free up more time for caregivers to focus on providing quality care to their clients, instead of filling out endless mountains of paperwork to document their visits. 

The same holds true for your entire business. You should strive to automate busywork and spend more time on what actually matters. An EVV system is an excellent way to do this.

The purpose of EVV is to improve the quality and accuracy of home care services (and their ensuing documentation). A comprehensive EVV system is how you actually get there. 

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