Care Forms
  • Plan of Care (485)
  • Support of ICD9 / ICD10
  • Physician Orders
  • Medication Administration MAR
  • Treatment Administration TAR
Patient Eligibility
  • Integrated Electronic Eligibility
Calendar Integration
  • Authorization Service Plans
  • Visibility to Nurse Notes
Assessment Process
  • Reassessment Task Calendar


Authorization Controls

Service plans are fully integrated with the eRSP™ Calendar preventing services from exceeding the authorized weekly amount or from going beyond the total authorization hours and period end date.

EVV Electronic Visit Verification

The eRSP™ Telephony and Mobile Connect features are fully integrated with the new State Medicaid Visit Verification (EVV) requirements and solutions.

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Employee Credentials

The eRSP™ Care Provider profile enables you to track your Nurse Credentials to be sure that all required credentials are active and current before being eligible to perform services.


The eRSP™ financial module has a fully integrated electronic claim processing feature.

  • Electronic EDI Claim Submission 
  • Professional (1500) 837p
  • Institutional (UB04) 837i
  • Paper Form Options
  • Primary and Secondary Claims
  • Exception Handling and Corrections


eRSP™ partners with several national clearing houses to ensure support for the largest possible base of Medicaid, Private Insurance, Veterans Affairs and Special Program payer sources.  

  • Trizetto
  • Availity
  • Change
  • Waystar

Nurse Notes

The eRSP™ Nurse Portal and Mobile Sites support entering Nurse Notes real time while on-site. No more need for chasing paper processes.

  • Initial Patient Assessment
  • Periodic Vitals
  • Intake and Output Log
  • Periodic Free Form Text
  • MAR and TAR
  • Ventilator Log
  • Seizure Event Log
  • Clock In & Out
  • Client and Care Provider Signatures


Posted notes are immediately available for review and approval or rejection by the Back Office. Rejected notes are pushed back to the nurse for more input.

Payments/Accounts Receivable Management

The eRSP™ Payments module enables you to process electronic remittance deposit batches from Medicaid, Veterans Affairs and Private Insurance providers. Deposit batch features enable you to review payment data prior to updating your accounts receivable.

  • Electronic Remittance
  • Deposit Batch Reconciliation to bank deposit
  • Payments Tracking Per Date of Service
  • Payments feed to Accounting
  • Agency and Payer Initiated Corrections
  • Account Balance Reports


The Payments Module is fully integrated with the eRSP™ eFiling module making it very easy to resubmit partially paid claims or submit payment corrections.