The core back office management features make eRSP™ the ideal solution for Sign Language Interpreting Agencies. eRSP’s strength is matching the right employee with the right skills to the right job and tracking the job through billing and payroll processes. eRSP™ is fully equipped with 2-Way Communication features to interact with Interpreters in the field and directly with clients.


One of the unique requirements of the Interpreting industry is that the individual receiving the interpreting service is NOT the client paying for the service.

The eRSP™ Consumer feature enables tracking of the person receiving the service while still maintaining the client requesting the service as the payer source. The Consumer Profile enables you to maintain contact and service needs.


eRSP™ provides a separate access portal for the Interpreters to access their job assessments and post time sheet results of each visit.

  • Access or Reject Assignments
  • Receive Open Visit Broadcasts
  • Confirm Assignments
  • Post Time Sheets
  • Get Point to Point Directions


Interpreters have full feature access through the eRSP Web Site and their mobile tablets or phones.

Client Access

eRSP™ provides a customer access portal to place orders and check status of existing orders

  • Place Orders
  • View Status
  • Message the Back Office