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eRSP™ is the original cloud-based home care software product that provides a full range of features, from contact management and recruiting to the final billing, payroll, and collections processes.

At the core is the employee scheduling calendar that centralizes the tracking of client service requirements, and the scheduling of the best employees to perform the services. With the eRSP™ Mobile, EVV and two-way communication features, agencies have complete visibility and control of their in-home service operations.

This enables you to focus on providing our seniors the best care possible.


The eRSP™ Contact Management features enable you to manage client prospects and referral sources, as well as manage your new employee on-boarding processes. The CRM tool-kit includes profiles, contacts, assessments, tasks and follow-up tracking. Reports provide visibility to pending tasks, conversion rates and sales activity goals and results.


The eRSP™ Calendar makes scheduling easy by centralizing all client and care provider information and providing easy access to make adjustments to the weekly schedule. All updates from the eRSP™ Telephony and Mobile are real time, making it very easy to see where your care providers are and know what actions need to be taken.


The eRSP™ Invoicing and Payroll modules offer a broad range of customizable pricing and payroll rules enabling you to let eRSP™ automatically pre-calculate invoice rates and pay-rates based on actual hours worked. Both modules support a variety of custom output API formats enabling you to integrate with industry leading accounting applications and service providers. We also help with collections with automated ACH and credit card processing. 

Integrated EVV

The eRSP™ Telephony feature is a fully-integrated time and attendance service that provides real time visibility to work activity at your client locations. Using their phones, employees can clock-in and clock-out as well as report on activities that happened during the visit.

eRSP™ is fully integrated with the new State Medicaid Visit Verification (EVV) requirements and solutions.

eRSP Mobile

Using phones and tablets, your sales team, back-office administrators and in-home care providers have easy access to tasks, two-way communication, the calendar and point of service, visit information, and note posting features.


The eRSP™ Employee Management features makes it easy to manage and retain your employee work force.

  • Online Application and Applicant Intake tracking
  • Integrated Background Checks
  • Credential Management
  • Customizable HR Forms
  • eRSP Payroll
  • Customizable Pay Scales
  • Caregiver Mobile Access


The eRSP™ Client Management module helps you easily define patient condition and service care plan needs to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

Features include customizable assessments, billing rules, ADL care plans, service plans, care notes, tasks and reminders, and a document repository.

Care Providers

The eRSP™ Employee Management tool makes it easy to define your care provider’s skills, capabilities, credentials, availability and pay scale.

These customizable attributes are used by eRSP™ to efficiently match the right care provider to a client need and automatically apply the correct pay rates for services rendered.


eRSP™ site setup allows you to self-define a broad range of business rules, making it very easy to customize eRSP™ to fit your needs. This puts you in control over your business processes and expected outcomes.