Assisted Living Communities


With eRSP™ it is easy to manage and have visibility to the additional personalized living services provided to your residents.

  • Companion Care
  • Transportation
  • Med Reminders
  • Bed Checks
  • Domestic Services


Along with eRSP™, Kaleida Systems offers roll up reporting across all communities providing real time visibility to key metrics indicators. The dashboard provides visibility at the individual community, regional and corporate levels with listings, summaries and averages. The dashboard site also enables you to set benchmark goals and highlights opportunities for growth.


eRSP™ provides customizable intake and output interfaces making it easy to integrate with existing corporate information systems.

  • New Resident Intake
  • Employee Sync
  • Calendar Punches
  • Invoice Feed
  • Payroll Feed

Overtime Reduction

With the eRSP™ Community Module, it is easy to schedule all department shifts in a single dashboard. Centralizing all department employee shifts has seen significant reductions in unnecessary overtime.