About Us

We at Kaleida Systems are ALL IN to serve you by providing the best possible product and support at an affordable price. We do this with innovation, energy, and commitment to your success.

Many of us at Kaleida Systems have personally experienced family members reaching that point where they need help and have seen how care providers have been able to enrich their lives. By providing you with the best possible tools to be successful, we feel like we play a part in making a difference. We are very passionate about what we do and consider it an honor to serve those who are serving our seniors and those in need.


David Glen, CEO of Kaleida Systems

David Glenn, Chief Executive Officer​

As founder and CEO of Kaleida Systems, Dave had a vision to help companies efficiently manage caregivers and maximize profitability through the implementation of software. Dave set the direction to create eRSP to run on the internet in 2000. 20 years later, nearly all application software runs on the internet. Dave witnessed first-hand with his grandmother the value personal care services bring to a family, and he’s made it his mission to help the agencies serve families through the robust eRSP software. Dave is a distinguished alumni with a Bachelor of Science from Clarkson University. Dave also has an MBA from Queens University of Charlotte.

Industry Experience: 22 Years

Management Experience: 33 Years

Russell Roux, Chief Technology Officer

Russell Roux, Chief Technology Officer

As co-founder and Vice President of Technology and Operations, Russ shared the vision with founder David Glenn in wanting to help our clients manage their business and maximize profitability through the implementation of software. Our unique vision of creating eRSP to run exclusively on the internet in 2000 was groundbreaking and firmly established Kaleida Systems as an innovative leader in the industry. Russ’s unique ability to visualize, create and support software solutions that achieve maximum workflow efficiencies has set eRSP apart from all other offerings. On a personal note, we have all experienced family members aging and needing help, so we consider it an honor to serve those who serve our seniors. Russ has a Bachelor of Science degree from Belmont Abby College.

Industry Experience: 22 Years
Leadership Experience: 25 Years
Software Technology Experience: 35 Years

Patrick Hanna

Patrick Hanna, Chief Business Officer

As the client face and voice of eRSP, Patrick currently is responsible for all new sales of eRSP as well as growing existing relationships. Patrick also consults with agency owners to assist them in transforming their operations for efficiency and profitability. Patrick has successfully developed new, adjoining market segments for eRSP implementation including Supported Living. Patrick is highly regarded by eRSP client agencies, and by many others in the market segment. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management of Information Systems from the University of North Carolina Charlotte.

Industry Experience: 18 Years

Management Experience: 22 Years