Telephony EVV

The eRSP™ Telephony feature is a fully integrated time and attendance service that provides real time visibility to work activity at your client locations. Using the telephone, employees can clock-in when they arrive and clock-out when they leave as well as report on activities that happened during the visit.

eRSP™ uses the telephone clock information to provide on-site service status on the calendar, post actual hours worked and initiates a variety of alerts to enable quick reaction to potential missed service opportunities.

Because the eRSP™ Telephony feature is fully integrated, changes to the calendar are immediately recognized by the next call making it very easy to make last minute substitutions or changes to the schedule.

And finally, the eRSP™ Telephony feature provides several exception resolution tools to make it easy to keep your calendar current and up-to-date with the normal everyday impacts to the schedule.

Call Features

  • Multiple language options
  • Caller ID Enabled
  • Mileage
  • Activity ADL Posting
  • Customizable Care notes
  • Visit Notes via Voice Mail
  • Rounding options
  • Back Office Voice Mail


  • Real-time on-site status
  • Daily assignment status listing
  • Automatic posting of time sheet claims
  • Fully integrated call exception resolution
  • Call logs and exception reports


  • Late shift alerts
  • Care Provider Clock In Reminders
  • Second level escalation alerts
  • Resolution notifications
  • SMS and Email alert notification messages
  • Customizable tolerance levels

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SSAE 16 Certified

Kaleida Systems takes security and data protection very seriously. eRSP™ is HIPAA compliant and SSAE 16 Certified.